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  • How do I get started?
    The player and parent must come to a practice to try-out. At the first practice, your child must be dressed and ready to practice. Each child can attend two (2) practices free of charge before deciding whether he or she would like to join. At the first practice the parent should fill out the contract sheet.
  • When does the actual season end?
    Crush All In will play consistently till the end of July. The season ends with the last summer tournament in Las Vegas during the month of July.
  • When can we plan vacation or make weekend plans?
    The busiest part of Crush All In season is from the months of February to July. Crush will play almost every weekend. Please expect to play in a tournament during almost all holiday weekends. there will be tournaments that have games for three (3) days
  • My child just joined Crush All In. When will we get a uniform?
    Uniforms for the season have been ordered. We are waiting for them to be printed and delivered. Uniforms will be issued once the entire registration fee is paid part of Crush All IN The expectation is that All players will have both a practice uniform and a tournament uniform.
  • How do I request a uniform number?
    Upon joining, a player’s number is issued based upon correct uniform size availability. If a returning player already has the desired number, the returning player or player with the most seniority will retain the uniform number. For an additional fee, a specific number can be ordered (provided the desired number is available).
  • Who do I call if my child is going to miss practice? What if my player misses a tournament?
    If your child is going to miss practice or a tournament, please email or text to let us know. Practice is very important. Players that miss practice regularly or are always late will not see a lot of playing time during games. It does not go un-noticed with the coaches that there are players that regularly miss practice.
  • In addition to monthly fees, what other cost will there be?"
    A. Tournament and/or game fees are included in the monthly fees. B. Many of the tournaments charge admission fees but players and coaches are free. This can range from $5- $12 per day. Some venues will charge for parking.
  • How are game times and locations communicated?
    A. Game times and locations will be sent via GroupMe. This is the sole form of communication. Please download the GroupME app to communicate. B. Most Tournaments/Shootouts will not have game schedule available until the Thursday before the Saturday that games start. Crush All In do not have ability to get game times any earlier. Game Times will be sent as soon as possible to all players via GroupMe and or Website. Click on Schedule
  • What is the difference between a shoot-out and a tournament?
    A. A shootout is typically only 2 games on a single day usually on a Saturday. B. A Tournament guarantees at least 3 games over both Saturday and Sunday, including playoffs.
  • Can my child come to practice without playing in games or tournaments?
    A. Yes, Crush will hope that all players will eventually want to play in games. But there is a developmental program. Those players will practice and play local games only.
  • What does the fundraising money go towards?
    A. There are 1-2 main fundraisers throughout the season. The fundraising money goes towards paying for gym fees, basketballs, training equipment, travel expenses, and scholarships for families that may not be able to pay entire fees. B. For Crush All In hosted events, we rely on parents to volunteer their time to give back to the organization.
  • What leagues do the Crush All In play in?
    The Crush program is focused more on tournaments and exposure events for our 15u-18u Teams. There is not a standing league that Crush plays in on a regular basis
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